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Description :

Andres and Gaston play out this chase for In the video, one boy seems to have mischief on his mind. An eyewitness sees the bad boy and calls police for help. Once the policeman shows up, he has everything well in “hands.” Cuffing the boy, the cop has what he came for. Questioning the loiterer seems like the inspector is going to have to use force to get anything out of this “chico.” As the bad boy knows, cops always have what it takes to control the situation, so he acquiesces. Now subdued, the detainee makes long and wet work of the policeman’s cock. During a strip search, seems that the boy was hiding something, a sweet hole; the copper wants to inspect further. Using some of the tools of the trade, the policeman pounds the boy hard for answers. The assailant cries out for justice, or is that “just-ass?” Using various techniques, the cop gets his man in the end, as the “beans are spilled,” all over the bad boy’s face. Another day on the job for an investigator like our policeman; I know my hole feels better he’s near. Download the full video here!

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