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Ken’s out taking a walk in the woods; best thing about the outdoors, you don’t have to find a urinal when you’ve got to go. Pulling out his johnson, he relieves himself and continues on. Wait, who’s that “Porn Star” in the next clearing? Like ducks to water, these two Asian twinks find each other and connect instantly. For, this is “Barebacking the Backpacker;” hmmm, Ken’s got a backpack on. Looks like these two may have something in “cummin’.” Grabbing, groping and sucking face, Ken and his new found friend are very attracted to one another. By the time Ken gets to the twink’s cock, he’s already up and waiting. “Boing!” Seems like Ken has the same reaction, as the boy releases Ken’s dick. Taking time to fondle one another, the boys decide to go further, much further. Ken goes down for a taste; his cock has the flavor of chicken. As Ken swallows all of his partner, we get to watch this bottom service the “Porn Star” top. Taking each testicle into his mouth, Ken arouses his partner all the more. With some added kissing, the boy then turns Ken around to eat him out. As he spreads Ken’s ass cheeks, his tongue enters the treasure being sought, a sweet pink hole. Ken’s buddy then takes full advantage of the offer to fuck, and dives in. Arching his back, Ken grabs a tree for support; the thrusting of his partner has Ken’s ass cheeks bouncing with his dick and balls wagging. From below, it is all balls deep. The partner then lies on the grounds, letting Ken take a “wow-boy” ride. Holding up his nut sack, the bottom then turns to face his buddy so they may lock lips. Now, stiff as a stick, Ken rides until his buddy puts him on his back, missionary style. Fast and hard, these two twinks slap against one another; the boy’s stomach massaging Ken’s balls with each thrust. A nice view from the side, as well as some nice audio, catches Ken’s reaction to his “Porn Star’s” fucking abilities. Grabbing his ankles and spreading his legs wide, Ken’s pleasure is all over his face; pulling down the top’s shoulders, Ken and the boy once again kiss. Breathless, the boy then pulls out and shoots the works into the bottom’s mouth, with creamy droplets landing on his face. The outdoors can be such an inviting place to “cum.” Download this video and more here!

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