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Ken and Masumi want a little “one in one” time. They’ve come to to show off, or blow off, their natural talents. These two “Hot Fuck Machines,” only stop when Ken pulls out and jizzes on his partner, lucky Masumi. Undressing Masumi, Ken is all about the boy’s nipples, sucking them passionately. Masumi takes the opportunity to strip Ken. The two lie on the bed; Masumi wants to suck more than just nipples, but allows Ken his pleasures first. Ken removes his partner’s underwear and strokes. Taking off Ken’s underwear, he proceeds to work from the top down, way down. Blowing Ken, Masumi deep throats the boy’s dick and playfully licks the head. Ken caresses his partner’s thigh and watches in delight. The top then wipes the precum from Masumi’s head and swallows, whole. The camera pulls out so we can enjoy both dicks, and boys. The two position themselves into a hot 69; the aerial view is so sexy to watch. Each boy is totally focused on working the other’s dick, as they bob up and down. Ken then rolls Masumi up, to eat out his asshole; he follows the tasty treat with two fingers. Masumi moans, “yes” as he partner explores. Finger fucking the bottom, Ken then has Masumi climb on top. As the boys fuck, Masumi’s balls bang against Ken’s balls and Masumi’s dick spanks against Ken’s inner thighs. As the bottom bounces, his cock swells and stiffens; Ken then takes over as the boys change to doggie style. Masumi keeps moaning, “yes” as his partner goes balls deep. Grabbing onto the bottom’s shoulders, Ken penetrates even further; the camera zooms in from below as the two fuck. Locking his arms around Ken’s thighs, Masumi is definitely feeling every inch, happily. Ken then has Masumi move to a missionary position as the camera captures the top’s sweet ass, giggling rhythmically. From above, Masumi’s hard dick and balls bounce with each thrust in anticipation of a “happy ending.” Ken obliges as he blows his thick load onto his partner; satisfaction guaranteed. Download this video and more here!

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