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On the beach and having fun with a ball, these two Asian twinks are joined by a third boy, interested in “ball play” as well. When all three get back to the apartment, it’s “game on” for in this “Asian Big Surprise.” All three have the equipment to delight in this team sport and all are winners in “the end.” Taking turns sucking and licking on one another, each boy gets a taste. The three find that frolicking with these balls is much more amusing. As they have their way with one another, their arousal is peaked and even a circle suck is not enough; anal is the next big round. Rimming his partner before entering, all the boys want the touch of the other two. As one boy lies down, then doggie style, he is pounded from the inside; the third boy looks and strokes on. This game definitely requires a second half, “cum” again after you’ve had some refreshments. Download this video and more here!

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