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Pouring some wine and relaxing at the pool, this Asian twink does not want to be celebrating alone; he calls up a couple of friends to come over and enjoy a “pool Fuck Party.” Eager for the fun, two of his buddies show up at share the wine and one another, style. Teasing one another after a drink, two of the boys push each other in; a third boy enters, “of his own free will.” Soon the three find a corner of the pool and begin by kissing and caressing, which arouses everyone. They take turns feeling one another and sucking, both above and below the water. As they delight in one another, they watch intensely and trade-off positions. The twink with the biggest dick becomes the top, lucky boy. One of the other boys becomes the “pig” for a hot spit-roast. As the camera pans from above the top, we can see the in-depth “fun” they are having. Bouncing back on the top, the bottom works on getting the other boy’s dick in his mouth or hand. Once everyone is “in position,” the top begins to really find his rhythm and spot; the bottom agrees, the top’s placement is perfect. The bottom goes back to sucking for a while then joins in a circle jerk. All three tug until they orgasm one by one. Moving to a bedroom, they continue to shoot their loads and then shower, together. The three are so sweet to invite one another in their celebration; we all need to be “welcomed” into such festivities. Download this video and more here!

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