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Traveling around, I find that the best “service boys,” are “Thai Money Boys.” As the term implies, these sweet Asian twinks are always ready to lend a mouth and/or hole. For, these two will help one another out and we all can revel in their services. The bottom in this pairing is the cutie on the right. The other, a dominant top, will help both of them savor this coupling. As the top sucks deeply and rhythmically, I try a couple of different camera angles for our pleasure. The bottom loves the mouth of his partner. The director decides to “up” the ante, offering a bit more Yen for a bit more play. The bottom takes the cash, and then takes a girthy dildo. The top seems eager to use the toy on the boy and wastes no time in working it in. On his knees and taking the dido to please, the bottom pants from the start; the top uses both hands as he plunders. Seeing the hot ass of the bottom swallow anally, this is well worth the Yen. When the twink sits down on the couch, still plugged, he intensifies his pants and moans. The top is mesmerized as he can’t seem to look at anything by the boy’s hole, while it flexes with the toy, in and out. The bottom then stands and delivers; hot cum shoots onto the aroused face of the top. The two then go in for a nice sensual shower, washing one another, head to head to toe. Trading off the bar of soap, each takes his turn running their soapy hands up and down one another. After the shower, they towel each other dry. Download this video and more here!

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