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Taking a walk in the woods, Yai wanders around looking for something to do, he finds Bass. Stoking himself, Bass lets Yai come play; sex in the woods with Asian boys; BOYKAKKE! can not be far off. For these two boys, rubbing and sucking, is a natural experience, you have got to see it to appreciate. First, Yai devours Bass cock and then goes for his nipples. Returning the flavor, Bass goes down on Yai. On his back, as Bass is fingered by Yai, his dick pops up quickly. Watching each other, Bass smiles then turns his head and readies himself for his partner. Yai takes advantage of his hole and shoves himself in. With a missionary position, the boys moan and pant while they stare at each other. Turning him over doggie style, Yai pounds his ass. At one point, Yai grabs both of his arms so that he may go deeper. Both twinks are enjoying the sounds of nature; their moans and groans echo in the forest. Bass wraps his hands around Yai’s legs pulling him ever closer as Yai leverages himself with Bass’s shoulder and quicken the pace. Now leaning on his partner, Yai pants and thrusts, to magnify their pleasure; Bass continues to enjoy Yai’s attentions. Flipping to his back, Bass enjoys a few more minutes of Yai’s cock before Yai pulls out and releases on Bass’s face, BOYKAKKE style!

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