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Filming is a real treat for me, I see hot twinks enjoying boy on boy sex. But when I get a chance to film two boys who are boyfriends, the experience is palpable. Felling the sparks between Tsuyoshi and Yuu, I know today’s video will be a passionate and intimate love making feast; hope you enjoy it as much as they did. Yuu, the bottom, is the quiet and shy one of the couple; Tsuyoshi, the top, is the opposite, aggressive and outgoing. It is not a surprise, when Tsuyoshi first grabs his boyfriend and begins to kiss and rub him. Removing their clothes and underwear, Tsuyoshi begins to suck on his boyfriend, followed by deep kissing. They explore each other’s bodies as Yuu now sits up to take every inch of Tsuyoshi, in his mouth. Within minutes, the top once again takes over and pushes Yuu back down. Stoking his lover’s penis, Tsuyoshi also fingers Yuu’s hole; Yuu starts to whimper with delight. Lubing up Yuu’s ass, his boyfriend begins with one, then two fingers deep, to gauge and excite both of them. Now ready for Tsuyoshi’s big cock, Yuu whimpers and moans as Tsuyoshi slides in balls deep. As the two stare at each other, Tsuyoshi continues to thrust in and out and Yuu, continues to moan and whimper. Smiling at each other, they then embrace sweetly. Thrusting his hips quickly, Tsuyoshi’s topping skills are wonderful to see, and for Yuu, wonderful to feel. The boys continue to make love and share their desires. Ready to release themselves, they sit up, side by side. Enjoying the caress of each other’s tongue, it isn’t long before Yuu is ready to kneel in front of Tsuyoshi and receive his boyfriends cum on his sweet lips. As he climaxes, Tsuyoshi pants, moans and consummates the special love, these two share.

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